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Curious about some user experience or product strategy topic? There’s a lot of confusion around UX, product validation, and user research, shoot us a message with your questions! We have been designing and developing software for over 20 years and love helping others.

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BA + QA = UX and Happy User

Why My Time as a QA and BA Make Me a Better Proponent for the User

When I first started as a software QA, I was not part of the design process, I only knew what I was testing when I got it from dev. I would read through the requirements documentation and try to make sure everything was working as desired and matched the requirements.

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UX Conferences for 2020

UX Conferences are a great way to discover new approaches to our field. This is a curated list of conferences that are UX focused or have a lot of UX content. We are not including design or development only conferences, although the Mofiti team may add those in separate lists. We love those too!

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